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Exterior Doors Case Study

Our expert French polishers work to the highest standard within the trade. Over the years we have steadily built up a reputation for quality and reliability at a competitive price. If you are interested in bringing any piece of wood work back to life, send us and e-mail or give us a call to speak to a friendly advisor.

We work to offer various finishes, including exterior finishing. These externalteak doors and door frames were beginning to look a bit worn and weathered. Exterior doors are very important as they are the face of your building. Therefore, we strive to make your wood look as beautiful and presentable as possible while still giving it a finish that protects it from weather.

The doors shown here have been re-finished in exterior oil to enhance their natural colour and pattern. Whether you want to show off the natural beauty of your wood or stain it a stunning new colour, we can help you to bring your visions to life. As shown, this wood has been brought back to life and will stay this while for a while as it has been given a weather resistant finish. Not only is this wood warm and inviting in appearance, but it has also saved a lot of time, money and energy as it has been restored rather than replaced. There are so many advantages to restoring, if you’re interested in doing this yourself, have a further look at images on our social media or give us a call or email for advice.

Fiener Restoration Case Study

Refurbishing Weather Resistant Finishes is one of the many services carried out by our team of highly qualified master tradesmen. After damage from weather and use, this door was not in the best condition. We offer a range of both interior and exterior finishes which help to keep wood resistant.

Like a lot of doors we see, this door had various areas of damage and wear in both the wood and brass. Therefore, one of our highly skilled polishers was able to correct this damage and add a stunning new finish.

The external face of this front door needed to be chemically stripped and sanding before it was stained to the desired colour. One of our master tradesmen then applied an exterior varnish finish to the doors to protect them from future damage. The internal face of this door was also stained and French polished, leaving the door in beautiful condition.

Mahongany Door Case Study

We offer a range of services, including Weather Resistant Finishes, carried out by our team of highly qualified master tradesmen. Exterior doors can easily be damaged, as this front door was after years of use and weather. We offer a range of both interior and exterior finishes to keep wood resistant in both environments.

This Mahogany front door in W1 needed restoration as it was an old door which had lost its original shine and colour. After an on-site consultation and advice, one of our master tradesmen was able to restore the door back to its original beauty.

One of our highly qualified master tradesmen was able to repair and refurbish this door. Stripping and refinishing the door gave it a revitalised appearance, appearing now striking in both colour and finish.

Mahogany Table Case Study

We offer a range of services, including furniture polishing and restoration, carried out by our team of highly qualified master tradesmen. Our restoration services save both money and time as well as being a lot better to the environment than replacing a damaged piece of furniture.

This Mahogany Console table was not in the best condition, the wood had become dull and there were numerous scratches and marks on the surface of the wooden table. The table needed to be restored, which we are always happy to do in order to bring a treasured piece of furniture back to life.

One of our highly skilled craftsmen carried out this job by first repairing the broken legs, then sanding down the damaged wood and restoring the colour and shine by French polishing. As the images show, this work has made a huge difference to the appearance of the table and the customer was thoroughly pleased with the outcome of our work.


This brand-new dining table was used to dress the show home on this high end new development in Chelsea. It had been damaged in transit while being delivered to site. The corner of the table had received some heavy impact damage causing the oak veneer and some of the substrate to completely break away.

Our skilled craftsman filled, touched in and airbrushed some lacquer onto the repair to make it virtually invisible. This allowed the developer to start marketing the properties without having to look for a replacement table with more expense.


New Oak Parquet Flooring to the guest rooms had received extensive surface damaged by furniture installation. Some of the oak flooring had also shrunk, causing gaps to appear between the parquet blocks. Our skilled craftsmen carefully repaired all the surface damage, so it became virtually invisible, also filling the gaps between the parquet blocks.

These repairs saved the need for sanding and re-finishing the flooring to the entire rooms, which in turn would have meant all the new furniture being removed. Also time was of an essence, with the hotel due to re-open our repairs meant no delays so the hotel could re-open on time.


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